One of the fastest growing industries in the world is ICT outsourcing: this is due to fact that it is both cost-effective and productivity enhancing for most businesses. Our Nigerian based teams of IT engineers can either augment or replace your current ICT support. ICT outsourcing simply saves time and money for companies who rely on a smoothly functioning ICT work environment.

outsourcing the maintenance of your existing ICT systems, even if your organisation currently has a dedicated ICT team, can give you the flexibility to deploy employees on other tasks more profitable than dredging through support websites/manuals for hardware/software for hours or even days to achieve something a dedicated specialist could do in minutes. This ensures that your systems are always running optimally, increasing productivity and virtually eliminating downtime.

Our IT outsourcing solutions bring other, less obvious benefits for our clients. Every member of each of our teams is kept up to date with the cutting edge research and development in the field of ICT systems support. Having a group of staff specialising in such a crucial element of your business for a fraction of the cost of conventional employees immediately increases the overall profitability/productivity of your enterprise.

Through the many IT outsourcing projects we have done over the years, it is apparent that many businesses fail to utilise their internal teams to deliver the tactical and strategic projects that businesses must adopt to stay ahead of the game.

This generally means that many of the internal IT staff end up spending a large proportion of their days performing what ictnorthwest would class as helpdesk functions. Once again, distancing themselves from the IT function allows many businesses to attend to strategic and tactical issues that tend to get left to one side, thus allowing their business to grow.

If your business operates during unconventional working hours, we can offer the IT support you need when you need it, whether it is two o'clock Wednesday afternoon or three AM on Sunday morning, we are there to address your issue within minutes. This eliminates the only two other options: paying huge bonuses to your in-house IT support to be on call 24-7 or simply risking downtime or excessive emergency repair costs. It outsourcing can remove all these problems with a cost effective ICT support contract that guarantees the smooth operation of your systems.

A brief discussion with one of our It outsourcing specialists will give you a good idea of how outsourcing your specific IT support requirements to PAS IT Solutions can help reduce costs and increase productivity for your organisation.

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