How to Make Money Online

First things first... read this through before you start clicking away. I know you just want to grab your mouse and start clicking away. I know you hate to read this. I also know you hate me for making you read this but please do.

(The GOOD)

PTC stands for paid to click while PTR stands for paid to read. With these types of websites, you can get paid to click on and view advertisements as well as reading paid advertisements through emails. It only takes a couple of seconds. After about 10 seconds, you can close the page and you get paid. It is that easy. What is difficult is believing it. I didn't myself.

So for those who want a really easy way to earn money online, you may be interested in PTC and PTR sites. Let me give you my little secret. The key to making money with these types of sites is actually referrals. Refer people. With some of the sites, you can buy referrals which will allow you to make more money especially if they are active. That way, your referrals make money for you as well without you knowing it.

(The BAD)
Here, I have to be very straight with you. If you think you can get rich with this type of online business overnight, think again. This place is not for you. You should be somewhere in igugu shrine in a god-forsaken forest of orkija, in Anambra, scouting for  some generous gob of mucus for some fetish jujuish otomakpo sacrifices to make you rich overnight. I know two of my friends who would rather do that anyway. haha...just kidding folks.

Agreed! you most certainly can't slam Bentley doors, hop out of Porsches, or pop up on Forbes lists just by clicking adverts, probably not, but... it doesn't take too much effort to carve out a niche for yourself and generate 100s to 1000s of dollars in autopilot income month after month if you know your way. And lest you think this is a fad, there are proofs of thousands of dollars paid every now and then. I can't give you my account balance just to proof that, sorry. It’s a really simple way to make some easy money and it is worth trying too. However, there are a couple of things to note about PTC and PTR sites. First, you only earn on average about a penny per advertisement you view, which means that the earning potential is initially pretty low but you can upgrade to increase your earning potential. Second, there are many scammer sites in this field.

Having said that, use a reminder which I always stick to strictly no matter the temptation, 'If the offer is too good to be true, trust me, it is.' I use that alot. The long and short of it all, stare clear. Resist the temptation. The only people getting richer with such offers are the site owners and of course, you are making them richer.

(The UGLY)
There are many scammy PTC and PTR sites out there that don’t pay, instead, they rip you off. They are so many, sorry I lost count. I am talking about 10-good out of 1000. Yes, you heard me. It is that UGLY. I know which ones are legitimate through my own personal experience and want to share those sites with those who would like to try this opportunity out for themselves. I have taken all the pains so you don't because I hate SCAMMERS that much. I have lost time and money to these BEASTS, I don't want you to do the same. Consider yourself warned!

I will rather put my money where my mouth is...No, put my mouth... where my money is...whatever, I am decided. So, decide to live like a believer, Turn your back on the deceiver like Amy Grant. Decision is yours.

Amazon Mechanical Turks - make real money doing tasks. Join here. Example of legitimate site.

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